Our Story

Our Story

Fully Baked Ideas was founded in 2009 by Kristin and Andrew Looney

The Looneys have been creating games together under the company name Looney Labs since 1997. Andy is also an outspoken activist for marijuana legalization. Also since 1997, Andy has published a webzine called Wunderland.com that chronicles the ongoing adventures of his life... which inherently includes both Looney Labs content and marijuana legalization content. These two missions are in conflict, as many of the games published by Looney Labs are played by children.

Fully Baked Ideas is an imprint of Looney Labs which was created to publish Stoner Fluxx and other adult themed games. This imprint will allow the company to fully separate the marketing of this adult themed product from the marketing for their family games. Please check out Andy's activism pages for links to some of his best essays on marijuana and legalization. Andy now avoids these subject when writing at LooneyLabs.com and Wunderland.Com, making those environments comfortable for even young kids to visit. Also of note is Kristin’s Medical Marijuana Story, in which she discovered how singular and incredible cannabis can be for treating her lifelong struggle with debilitating migraine headaches.

We published Stoner Fluxx to help accelerate the conversation in the US about ending marijuana prohibition. We are proud to have published this game, and hope you will read our message and join us in trying to make the world a better place.

Stoner Fluxx was the first item in our adults-only line, but with Adult Mad Libs, Drinking Fluxx, and other products coming soon, the Fully-Baked-Ideas imprint is finally blossoming! Thank you for playing our games!