Fully Baked Ideas is a game company that makes adult-oriented card games and board games.

Take an armchair journey to Amsterdam and explore its infamous marijuana "coffeeshops" with this big book of photos and stories!


We posted one page from the book each day... visit our INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, or TWITTER feeds to view these pages...

Fully Baked Ideas has 3 new games coming out this year!

Joining Stoner Fluxx in our Adult catalog, will be an Adult version of our Mad Libs game, a Drinking version of our hit game Fluxx, and a little tie-dye box full of fun - a version of Loonacy with all the artwork from Stoner Fluxx.

       May 25, 2017 - Stoner Loonacy
       June 22, 2017 - Adult Mad Libs: The Game
       July 24, 2017 - Drinking Fluxx

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