Our Mission

Our Products

Caring for Earth & Its Citizens

Fully Baked Ideas is a woman owned and run small business, and all of our games are made in the USA from recycled materials. One dollar from every sale of Stoner Fluxx is donated to reputable marijuana advocacy groups in the hopes of changing the laws to provide comfort to those with medical needs and reduce the needless incarceration rate.

Promoting Peace, Love, & Fun

Our hippie values still shine through here at Fully Baked Ideas. All of our games are designed for laugh out loud fun. Our drinking and toking games will make you giggle, not fight, and our Mad Libs® title is tasteful, sexy fun—no politics and no put-downs.

Focusing on Safety

Fully Baked Ideas does not want an evening of fun to be ruined for anyone! That is why we have worked hard to ensure players’ safety. Our website requires acknowledgment that you are 18+ before you can even view our products. Our packaging is clearly marked for adults, and both the rules and the cards themselves discourage illegal or unsafe activities. You do not need to toke or drink alcohol to participate in our games, and we encourage designating a driver before beginning and switching to water when you’ve had enough. We know that everyone has more fun when they play responsibly!

Fully Baked Ideas is an imprint of Looney Labs. This imprint was created to make sure children are not accidentally exposed to adult themes on our family games web site.

Please help us to keep our adult product line separate from our family games by using the Fully Baked Ideas logo and hashtag in all your advertising and social media efforts. Please do not associate “Looney Labs” with this line in any way. Thank you!